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How to choose a universal folder gluer? What are the advantages of the domestic hook bottom gluer?
Article Source:Dongtai Jinghong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   Release date:2020-11-28   CTR:1786

How to choose a universal folder gluer?

The universal folder-gluer suitable for folding cartons is designed to meet the specific needs of different customers. It uses a variety of configurations. Such as: suitable for two configurations of linear box and linear box + automatic bottom box; there are three widths of 50, 80, and 110cm; there are three versions of manual, CS computer setting, and CSM electric computer setting. It is also equipped with a lock bottom box module, four-corner and hexagonal box devices, and quality control devices. Therefore, whether it is a linear box, a lock bottom box, a 4/6 corner box or other types of cartons, the folder gluer can be accurately configured according to the production requirements to maximize its flexibility. Most of the box-gluer products are produced abroad and the price is relatively high.

What are the advantages of the domestic hook bottom gluer?

Domestically-made folder-gluers have a price advantage over foreign products. However, since most domestic manufacturers are manufacturers that accept small orders, the folder-gluers need flexible and fast debuggability, so that users can change the paper to be processed in a short time. The shape and size of the box are for printers to visit. Domestic machines have considerable advantages. In terms of special customization, domestic manufacturers have also done relatively well.

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