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The automatic folder gluer needs frequent maintenance and maintenance
Article Source:Dongtai Jinghong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.   Release date:2020-11-19   CTR:1334

As an indispensable equipment in the packaging industry, the automatic folder gluer can help operators free their hands, and at the same time can bring customers profits with faster production efficiency and higher quality. Therefore, in order to ensure a longer service life of the automatic folder-gluer, it is necessary to maintain and maintain it frequently.

So what are the aspects of automatic folder-gluer maintenance and maintenance?

1. To keep the equipment of the automatic folder gluer clean, clean it frequently.

2. The transmission belt of the equipment should be kept clean with clean water to prevent slipping. The gluing wheel and the glue box must be cleaned when the equipment is stopped. The glue is solidified, which will cause the gluing to solidify during production.

3. Wipe the glue box of the glue part of the fold.

4. When the equipment speed regulating mechanism is stopped, it is forbidden to adjust the speed, otherwise it will cause the belt to wear and age.

5. For the inner plate support, shaft and screw of the folder-gluer equipment, clean up regularly, and shake it left and right after adding lubricating oil to prevent rust.

6. Before each use of the equipment, it is best to use slow operation to check whether the equipment is abnormal.

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